Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe nonsurgical, non-pharmaceutical, non-painful treatment used to alleviate pain and inflammation in any living animal. Laser, which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is an FDA approved treatment that has been studied for several decades and is now a widely accepted and utilized technology. There are no known side effects to laser therapy when applied appropriately.  

Laser therapy uses light to accelerate the body's natural healing processes.  The light energy (photons) is moved over the body, where it interacts with the mitochondria and other cellular molecules to cause different biological effects.  The mitochondria is the work horse of the cell that produces the energy (ATP) for the cells various functions.  So photonic energy is essentially converted into cellular energy within the cell. This in turn, increases cellular metabolism, increases enzyme activation and allows the cell to detoxify and work more effectively.  This increase in cellular function, releases factors that decreases inflammation and increases healing.  In essence, damaged cells that have been turned off by the body due to damage, are now turned on again and returned to normal function.  

Laser Therapy can be used for many treatments including:

  • Acute or chronic pain

  • Arthritis and degenerative joint disease

  • Post dental and post surgical pain

  • Ear and skin infections

  • Increasing the speed of bone healing

  • Increasing the speed of wound healing

Laser Therapy is one of the holistic veterinary medicine treatments that we offer here at Companion Animal Wellness Center. Laser therapy can be used by itself, or together with other holistic and conventional treatments to help your pet companion achieve relief and healing. This integrative veterinary approach is what makes CAWC different.