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The Best Chicken Breeds for Beginners

Mar 2 • 2 minute read

Embarking on the adventure of rearing chickens in your garden or backyard for the first time can be exciting, expensive, stressful, and exhausting. However, chickens will add a new dimension to your life, whether you live in an urban setting or homestead. Their incredible power is their ability to reliably produce eggs for you and your family. Picking the best chicken breed as a beginner will mean the difference between enjoying each moment with your chickens and questioning whether you ever wanted to keep chickens in the first place. The chicken breeds listed below are ideal for beginners because they tend to be very simple to care for and are easy-going and friendly. Here are the best chicken breeds for beginners.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is one of the world’s most popular and well-known chickens. This breed is hardy and well-adapted to thrive in any climate. In addition, it is a personality powerhouse known for having a brassy brashness that blends well with its bright red coat. Rhode Island Red chickens are also an egg-laying machine and will lay between four and six eggs. The low maintenance of these birds makes them ideal for beginners. You must ensure her water and food needs are met, and you will have a happy and calm chicken.

Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock is a very old American breed popular for its gentle personality and regular laying. A Plymouth will produce four eggs weekly or even more and is highly adaptable and hardy. Plymouth Rock chickens are happy with a minimal setup that meets their shelter, food, and water needs. The Plymouth Rock is a perfect beginner bird for children because the breed is docile and friendly with other hens and even humans.


The Orpington breed hails from England, which may explain its reputation for exceptional manners and gentle politeness. The Orprinton lay about three to four eggs weekly and are also popular for their calm, steady, and affectionate nature. The Orpington breed is perfect for beginners who need a more traditional pet relationship with their chickens.


Delaware hens are very reliable layers, producing about four eggs per week. Delaware chickens are perfect for any backyard coop, given their low-maintenance lifestyle, outgoing nature, and friendliness. Delaware chickens are the hardiest hens because they can thrive in any climate with minimal setup from their humans.


The Australorp is another popular chicken and a great choice because of its reliable laying abilities. The Australorp can produce about six eggs per week. The chicken breed is also known for its winning personality since it has a tendency towards docility and gentleness, making it ideal for family members who may feel nervous around chickens. The Australorp is also a perfect choice for families that have small children. Australorps chickens are very cold-hardy but still need protection, especially in humid and warm weather conditions.

Research Before Setting Up Your Coop

The best thing about rearing chickens is the variety of birds you can choose from. You can opt for gentle giants, tiny bantams, gorgeous ornamentals, no-frills producers, or egg-laying machines. You can choose from a handful of chicken breeds that can easily thrive on small farms or suburban gardens. With chickens, it is always best to start with the basics, and the breeds listed above are some of the best choices for beginners.

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